Cole Ellis


My name is Cole Ellis and I am the owner and operator of Delta Meat Market. Born and raised in Cleveland, I have spent the past thirteen years honing my skills as a chef in Charleston, SC and Nashville, TN. My wife and I decided to move home because we missed the Delta, the great people, the close-knit communities, and the appetite Deltans have for good food.

For me, cooking is more than a job and a paycheck. I chose the culinary arts because I enjoy the atmosphere of a restaurant. Growing up, dinnertime was always my favorite time of the day, when the whole family would come together. A good meal can serve to enhance our experiences, as food is often the catalyst for conversation. The purpose of a restaurant, I feel, is to cater to this desire for fellowship, the food being a focal point of conversation serving as a bridge to lasting interactions. This is why I dedicated my life to finding the best ingredients and preparing the most delicious meals.

I came to the Delta because I saw an opening where I could cater to this same desire. My goal is to offer my customers the freshest selections of meats and vegetables. As I learn your tastes and preferences, I'll further refine my selections to meet your needs. Please come by the store to offer your ideas and opinions about my store and choose your next meal from our variety of options. 


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