saturday, September 19th

Adventurous Eaters Only...

The Delta Meat Market will be serving monthly dinners and we're inviting you to join the Club! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin malesuada euismod lorem. Sed justo orci, aliquet vitae tincidunt nec, malesuada non odio. Suspendisse ultricies dapibus orci sit amet venenatis. Maecenas viverra tempor arcu vitae ultrices. Praesent pretium ornare fermentum. Fusce nec sem vitae ex pretium dignissim in eget massa. Suspendisse sit amet semper ante, nec aliquet nisi. Nulla tincidunt rutrum urna ac faucibus. Please join our Supper Club mailing list below to receive more details.

Sept 19th

The menu will not be published prior to Supper Club but please make note of any allergies or dietary issues when you check out.

*These tickets are non-refundable but they are transferable by person, not time slot. Tickets are valid only for date specified. If a ticket is transferred to another person, that person must use the original purchaser's name on arrival. We encourage everyone to print their emailed receipt to secure admission.

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