Welcome to Delta Meat Market!

Located in downtown Cleveland, Mississippi, Delta Meat Market is a specialty meat store offering the finest choices of beef, pork, seafood and many other items. We cater local events, offer breakfast and lunch, and take requests.

Delta Meat Market is committed to offering the highest quality meats and vegetables that the Delta community desires. If you have a request, please come by the store or send us a comment.

What we offer:

  • Ground beef, ground daily in-store (brisket, ribeye, chuck)
  • “Bacon and beef” (equal parts homemade bacon and beef)
  •  Homemade pecan-wood smoked bacon
  •  Beef tenderloin
  • Seafood
  • Tennessee Hereford porterhouse steak, American ribeye steak, Black angus roast beef, shell steak, sirloin burger, skirt steak, strip steak, T-bone steak

  • Domestic Colorado lamb
  • Fresh pork, stuffed Berkshire pork chop
  • Many varieties of homemade sausage (Andoullie, Breakfast link, Boudin, Bratwurst)
  • Free-range poultry
  • Specialty cheeses
  • Rare grocery items
  • Wild game upon request (gulf seafood, buffalo, elk, quail, venison and more)
  • Vegetables
  • Homemade mustard, pimento cheese
  • Local products (grits, coffee beans, microbrew)
  • Cookbooks, cookware

 (subject to change based on availability/demand)

All of our meats are hormone-free, all-natural with no GMOs and no antibiotics. We buy regionally and throughout the Southeast, from Texas to South Carolina.